A Visual Novel About the Stock Market


A visual novel for Windows PC about romance & the stock market. Invest and trade to save the failing company. Oh, and maybe find love on the way?

Campaign on Kickstarter is now LIVE. Let’s hit those ungodly targets!

A Solo Game of Conquest and Treachery in the World Below


A solitaire wargame with RPG elements in the sinister world of dark elves, available in PDF & physical book formats.

Campaign on Kickstarter is live now. Embrace the malevolence and join the descent!

Project cancelled (for now!).

See the latest update on Kickstarter.

Role Playing Adventures in the World of Love
Sure, bashing kobolds is great, but have you tried love?

A fantasy RPG supplement filled with the warmth of sweet embraces, and dark intrigues weaved by a dangerous yet alluring enemy.

Available now on Amazon (softcover and hardcover) and on Itch.io (digital PDF).

Search out for hapiness, fulfill your dreams, or maybe even find love in this solo RPG.

Here and now, in a world full of wonder we live in.

Available now on Amazon.

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