Tome of Endless Romance

Role Playing Adventures in the World of Love

Sure, bashing kobolds is great, but have you tried love?

A fantasy RPG supplement filled with the warmth of sweet embraces, and dark intrigues weaved by a dangerous yet alluring enemy.

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This book fills the gap in romantic RPG supplements and is intended for Game Masters. Tome of Endless Romance introduces a full roster of 50 Non-Player Characters, along with their soft spots, moods, personalities, romantic backgrounds, and quests focusing on love.

From a hopeful rookie looking for acceptance, a super-star bard celebrity out of luck in matters of romance, a kind-hearted but naïve paladin trying to discover what love is through an elven librarian with a spicy secret, a melancholic succubus trying to mend the shattered hearts, an overworked elf ambassador, a curious triton who came to the land to make friends, to ominous personalities, grappling with darker facets of the human heart, moral ambiguities, and emotional struggles.

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Tome of Endless Romance is a system-agnostic RPG supplement that can be universally adapted across many high-fantasy games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Numenera, and others.

The book’s second part features oracles and NPC Generation tables aimed at romantic encounters. These tools have an enormous potential to build a storyline and provide romantically inclined characters quickly. Oracles presented in this book can be especially useful for Solo RPG game sessions.

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The narrative also contains world-building elements you can integrate into your games and the setting. These include the Church of Ange, a minor goddess of love, and the archdemon who opposes it. Artifacts of Love are whimsical magical items that are certainly not +1 swords of slaying undead.

Finally, the essay about how and why will explain reasons and methods for incorporating love and romance into your gaming sessions

This book is centered on female NPCs. If you’re looking for romance-focused male characters for your adventures, check out the Tome of Endless Romance II.

This book contains mature themes. It is intended for adult players. Mature subjects covered in this supplement include intimacy, jealousy, personal struggles, desires, tragic outcomes, trauma, addiction, and more. Some characters presented here are evil, and others have personal tragedies behind them.

Have fun with love on the tabletop and in your private life. It is a quest worth taking.

Tome of Endless Romance is available now on as a PDF and on Amazon in a physical form as a softcover and a hardcover. 143 pages.

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